Once the basic techniques have been mastered, it's time to focus on more advanced skills, such as starts and turns, as well as working towards increased endurance.  We refer to this as stroke technique and stamina building.


Starting with anyone that has little or no experience in the water.  We will use buoyancy aids and various techniques to achieve the correct body position for swimming on the surface.   For a beginner, learning buoyancy, balance and the ability to float will increase confidence in the water.  We will achieve this through fun and games.

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So now you have achieved the correct body position and you can float so we start introducing front crawl.  We believe in breaking down the stroke and concentrating on each element of the stroke.  Once you have the correct breathing pattern, leg kick, and arm pull, we will put the stroke together to obtain maximum efficiency in the water.  We use the same approach for backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.

My name is Nicky Matthews. I have always enjoyed the water, and learnt to swim at an early age.

By the age of nine, I was competing at club level and at thirteen I was swimming at county level.  Swimming has opened up a world of opportunity, not only on a professional basis, but a personal one too. 

I started mother and baby swimming classes after the birth of my first daughter and realised quickly that teaching children water confidence, water skills and how to swim was something that I enjoyed and obtained great satisfaction from doing.

As a mum, I understand the value of teaching children this life skill, and the importance of being safe, comfortable and confident in and around water

After a long search for a suitable facility, Funky Finz Swimming School has a fantastic home at Horsell CofE Junior School, Meadway Drive, Woking.

The pool is kept at a constant 28.5 degrees and was enclosed and refurbished in 2014.

Our lessons follow the British Gas ASA Learn To Swim Pathway.  We teach swimming, water skills, safety and technique through fun and games, based on the “FUNdamentals” principle.